Neue Veröffentlichung zu Bildarchive im Zeitalter des Überwachungskapitalismus

Beitrag von Lukas Fuchsgruber in der Publikation "The Routledge Companion to Photography, Representation and Social Justice", 2022


“Tracking does not only apply to social media platforms but can be about anything, from an online search to moving through the city with a smartphone. Public heritage institutions that provide and circulate their digitized collections online contribute to this economy in various ways, any time a digital interaction with their holdings occurs through these services. This complicity in surveillance capitalism is rooted in the missing public digital infrastructure for public collections. The cultural commons that these institutions care for need an infrastructure of digital public space, not only for circulation but also for conversation and interaction.” (S. 351)

Lukas Fuchsgruber, “Image Archives in the Age of Surveillance Capitalism” in Moritz Neumüller (Hg.), The Routledge Companion to Photography, Representation and Social Justice, 2022.