Software Prototyp: Art Doc Archive

Our postdoc researcher Lukas Fuchsgruber is helping to develop a new software prototype

January 10, 2023

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Art Doc Archive will be a set of tools for maintaining digital archives and all the art documentation that is taking place on the internet, in feeds, blogs, and websites. How can we save this archival material and make it accessible for art history?

Over the course of approx. three months, a team of researchers and coders will be working together with Urbane Praxis e.V. on a software prototype, funded by the Senate for Culture and Europe in Berlin. This will result in a set of digital tools for archiving art documentation on the internet, in feeds, blogs, and on websites. The prototype will consist of three parts: a mirror/host, a parser, and an interactive visualization.

The project will be accompanied by a blog titled Reclaim your Archive , and open-source software prototyping will be taking place until the end of February. The project concept has been realized and the coordination carried out by Anna Schäffler and Lukas Fuchsgruber.