Conference: Navigating Museum Careers: Pathways, Training and Communities, 1850-Now’

Invitation to a workshop on 'Navigating Museum Careers' by our PI Dr. Andrea Meyer and Claire Wintle (University of Brighton) of the Centre for Design History and as part of the AHRC-funded network 'Making Museum Professionals, 1850-Now', University of Brighton, December 4-5 2023, online

The event will be hosted by the Centre for Design History at the University of Brighton and is organised as part of the AHRC-funded network, ‘Making Museum Professionals, 1850-Now’ which focuses on the past, present and future of museum work. For more information on the workshop, visit the website: https://makingmuseumprofession...

This online international conference brings academics and practitioners to consider the past, present and future of museum work. The specific theme of the workshop focuses on careers, exploring training, networks, journeys and the interaction of individual careers with global and social challenges. Together, we will ask:How have policies and processes of training, promotion and pathways through museum careers shaped the museum sector?

- How have individuals and communities negotiated and challenged mainstream career paths?

- What kinds of training – informal and formal – support the museum sector?

- How are museum careers shaped?

- How do museum career pathways produce particular competences, hierarchies and ways of working?

Please click here to book. For enquiries, please email Claire Wintle: