Audiowalk: "Läsuren"

Contribution by Lukas Fuchsgruber at the festival "Osten" for the audio walk of the collective Urbane Dermatologie, July 1-17 2022, Bitterfeld.

A contribution by Lukas Fuchsgruber can currently be heard at the "Osten" festival in Bitterfeld. For the audio walk "Läsuren" by the collective Urbane Dermatologie, image and sound recordings of traces of industrial history and environmental pollution were made. In his audio contribution, Lukas Fuchsgruber asks how such stories can be collected and made visible, and which devices can be used for this purpose (optical scanners and sound recording devices). These and other stations of the Audiowalk can be found via a map available on site. The Festival Osten runs until July 17.