Joint archiving

cooArchi – community-oriented archive interface – can be used to carry out joint archiving.

cooArchi - community-oriented archive interface takes a strictly pluralistic approach toward analyzing a spectrum of data that is as wide as possible. Users can enter networked data together using an input mask with three fields: element – relation – element. These then become connections and nodes in a network-like archive. Due to its unlimited information space and very reduced data fields, cooArchi is trying to include unforeseen kinds of archival voices. The result is a data sculpture on the screen, i.e., the data have a haptic quality. Users do not just traverse the data as a landscape by scrolling and zooming but can also drag individual nodes, thereby changing the shape of the overall context. Comprehensive documentation of the project can be found on cooArchi was financed by the BMBF Prototype Fund. The open-source software was developed over six months by a five-person team (Jonathan Meyer, Kathia von Roth, Michael Scholl, Luna Nane, Lukas Fuchsgruber). Lukas Fuchsgruber, from the joint project “Museums and Society: Mapping the Social,” was involved as a digital art historian, focusing on research and documentation.

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